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Professional 2 group coffee machine. A solid, reliable machine with an elegant design and fine finishes, like its stainless steel steamers and body. Ideal for those looking for simplicity, quality, reliability and ease of use. The machine has a retro style – both in its automatic version and for the mechanical level version – and its compact size makes it ideal for spaces where it is difficult to install a traditional machine.​

  • Electronic coffee machine with programmable dosage (A2)

  • Electronic coffee machine with manual dosage (L2)

  • Coffee machine with big lever (LEVA)

  • Electronic self-levelling

  • Electrically heated

  • Pressure gauge to control the water heater pressure

  • Pressure gauge to control the pump pressure

  • 1 stainless steel steamer

  • 1 stainless steel water spout

  • Incorporated volumetric pump

  • Stainless steel external panel


  • Boiler 10 lt

  • Second steam valve

  • Interface PC/Cash Desk

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