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Semi-professional coffee machine with a 2-litre, top-loading tank and a 3-litre boiler. Ideal for wherever a professional machine is not necessary due to a shortage of space or limited volumes, without having to compromise on the quality of a good espresso, as if you were at a bar. Its retro look, the mechanical levers, the chrome-plated taps, and all the stainless steel finishes make it an elegant and high-class design accessory.


This exquisite portafilter machine is perfect for high-end use in the home and office sector. The RITONKA Emy EVO is a 1-group espresso machine with manual brew group E61.


This portafilter machine can be supplied with water tank or direct water connection, as well as with a vibration pump or volumetric motor pump.

With the RITONKA Emy EVO L1 with PID, which is also available as an option, the boiler temperature control works via the PID controller.



  • One group espresso coffee machine with manual dose setting

  • Electronic boiler refill

  • Electric heating system

  • Pressure gauge for boiler pressure control

  • 1 stainless steel hot water outlet

  • 1 stainless steel steam wand

  • Built-in vibration pump

  • Safety-stop function with empty tank

  • Chassis painted with anti-corrosion

  • Stainless steel external panel


  • PID control

  • rotary pump

  • Water mix (water tank and fixed

  • water connection optional)

  • Pressure gauge for brewing group
    rocker arm

  • Automatic (program programming)

  • Handle made of wood

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